Monday, January 5, 2015

Stocking the Vegan Freezer Before Baby

I may have gone overboard on the breakfast burritos but we used all 64 of them.
Search for "stocking freezer for before baby" and you will get lots of recipes for chili, chicken enchiladas, meatloaf and other meat and cheese heavy items. So before my last little one I  planned and made some healthier options.

Consider when your little one is due. With my most recent little one due in July being up to my neck in soups and stews seemed less appealing. However, if you have a fall or winter baby then easy slowcooker soups and stews might be just the thing.

With my July baby I most appreciated  Veggie Burgers and microwaveable meals. Good microwave options were Breakfast Burritos, Sweet potato burritos and stuffed peppers.

If you want soups I'd suggest:
Red Lentil Thai Chili
Chana Masala
Baked Beans in side dish portions
Winter Squash Soup that you can drink from a mug.

With nursing I found myself wanting to snack in between meals. So having a stock of healthy snacks was great. For me the best snack from the freezer was carrot, zucchini and bran muffins.

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