Friday, February 10, 2012

Managing Large Batches

Nietzsche approves of the size of this measuring cup.
Cooking for 6 families can feel daunting and could be a barrier for enjoying freezer exchange groups. Here are some tips that I have found useful:
  • Copy and paste the text of a recipe into something you can edit--covert all units up to six meals worth at one time rather than having to think about it as you go shopping or while cooking. 
  • Shop for ingredients on a different day then you plan on cooking.
  • If a recipe contains lots of directions that begin with things like "In a separate bowl..." you may want to rethink the recipe. 
  • You do not have to do a one dish meal. Include a side dish, muffins or a dessert. My vote is generally for a dessert. 
  • You don't even have to do all aspects of a meal in one day. Split it up as is convenient. Cut and chop veggies the night before. Cook muffins one night and the main dish the next.
  • Or, take the opposite route, and plan a day to do everything. In my case this means letting hubs know he's on baby duty for an afternoon.
  • Large slowcookers are your friend.
  • It probably would not hurt to invest a large cooking pot, bowl, slowcooker or measuring cup.
  • Label containers that you are freezing in before you place food in them. 
So, what did I miss? Any other suggestions from your experience?

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  1. I forgot to e-mail you with my ideas, but yes, if I'm making 3 batches of a recipe, and it's crock pot-friendly, I make two on the stove, one in the crock pot. I've also done a lot of chopping and peeling while watching something the night before.